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Jennifer Hanlin

"We design to restore a sense of harmony and balance in the interior environment." JH

Hanlin focuses on both residential and commercial interior design.   Her process begins with a detailed survey of existing conditions.  This investigation becomes the springboard for the design process.  Hanlin's work places an emphasis on lighting, furniture and material choices that support a minimalist response to the interior environment.  Occasionally the interior architecture itself needs extensive alterations, and sometimes it is a matter of editing all but what is most essential.   Hanlin's respect for architectural design has led to fruitful collaborations with ARO and Cook+Fox architects.   She is greatly influenced by Scandinavian and Japanese design principals.  Hanlin seeks clients who bring a new challenge, programmatically or otherwise, to the table.

Jennifer Hanlin,  principal Jennifer grew up in a variety of locations including New York, Alaska, Scotland and California.  While attending Princeton University Hanlin first discovered her interest in design and subsequently received a masters in architecture from Harvard in 1998.  For her, the conscious merger of architecture and interiors began while working at Gabellini Sheppard where she worked on several interiors for the fashion designer Jil Sander.  In 2002 Hanlin launched her interior's practice and from 2006-2013 taught interior design at Pratt Institute.  At Pratt, Hanlin delved into the historical progression of interior design with her students while encouraging a rethinking of the elements of interiors through the making of prototypes.

Her design office is located in Bourem Hill Brooklyn where she lives with her architect husband Chris Cooper, and twins Mia and Felix.